About us

We are the small company, or maybe better to say the company of friends mining together this business. We are a very different people with one big thing in common – the love to the city of Gdańsk. The town which was or become the home-town to us. Also the experience of work in a hostel Happy 7 connects us. The place was changing and growing up together with us and finally it is over. Now we are focusing to offer you a places in which we feel good as well as which we would choose (or even we are choosing similar visiting other cities). We have change hostel collectivity to the privacy and independence. So now we are offering smaller and bigger private studios and apartments in the Heart of Gdańsk.

  • Kasia

    Kasia wherever appears put the good vibes and share big, honest smile, but on the other hand she doesn’t beat around the bush. What she promise, she will do. Expert about the restaurants and food, and… Malta too. Since 2016 Kasia bravely leashes the office.

  • Mateusz

    Always on duty as well as eager to help. Remembers the crazy Happy 7 Hostel times. Keen in a history and architecture of Gdańsk. For him, there is no such thing as a problem. Passionate about beer, but not during working hours. He dislike walking, so he walked half of Europe during one trip, twice. Really!

  • Kamil

    The new one on a ship. The “Young and gifted”, during studying. Prone to learn and help. Future host? Hope so! Everyday snappy dresser. Changes his formal shoes only for mountain hiking. It is very difficult to catch him informal, that’s why he will be presented in a t-shirt 😉